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Office no. CCRP 305, 3rd Floor, Ambuja City Centre Mall Vidhan Sabha Road Raipur 492007 View On Map

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Konsole Group

About us

This is an exclusive business profile of Konsole Group located in Vidhan Sabha Road, Raipur. Konsole is all social… literally. At Konsole, we work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any social network platform you can think of, that’s how social we are. When other organizations consider social networking as distraction, we at Konsole exploit them to their true potential and that’s what makes us Konsolite. We even send sms, sometimes-in-thousands-sometimes-in-lakhs-more-than-lakhs and still get paid for it! Really, that’s true, and that’s what makes us different. We love to be creative and we pour it all out on websites that we make for our clients. We sketch, we make videos, we write, we make storyboards, we build framework and then we synergize. That’s what makes us team players.

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